Massages Services in Fort Walton Beach & Niceville, FL

(in/near Fort Walton Beach & Niceville, FL)

Couples Massage:

½ hour Couples Swedish Massage....$75

1 hour Couples Swedish Massage.......$135

1½ hour Couples Swedish Massage ...$185
Enjoy a light to medium pressure massage in a softly lit room with relaxing music that will just melt your tense away. You can be in the same or separate room. Complimentary Champagne is available for 21 yrs and older upon request.

½ hour Couples deep tissue massage...$110 per couple
1 hour Couples deep tissue massage.....$165 per couple

Deep Tissue

This technique helps reduce tight-knotted muscles (tissue that is not receiving oxygen or functioning well). Tight-knotted muscles are usually found around old inflamed injuries & over- used muscles; Deep tissue massage can increase limited flexibility & range of motion & decrease chronic pain. This massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue & uses deeper, direct, slow strokes & friction and works best on specific areas of the body and may cause some soreness a day or two after, due to the release of the scar tissue.

1 hour..........$80     
½ hour........$55     
1 ½ hours....$105     

Swedish, Pregnancy Massage, or *Labor Inducing Prenatal Massage

Pure relaxation! This classic style uses soothing strokes of light to moderate pressure. Key benefits include increased circulation & lymphatic flow, which cleanses the body of toxins & achieves a sense of peaceful relaxation. It soothes the nerves and reduces stress & helps reduce muscle strain recovery time. Swedish massage is highly recommended to be included in a regular routine for stress management. During the pregnancy massage, special pillows and bolsters are used to ensure maximum comfort. Our therapist specializes in prenatal massage. Labor inducing prenatal massage requires medical authorization letter from your Doctor.

1/2 hour ......$35     
1 hour..........$65     
1 ½ hours....$90     
Partial Deep Tissue Add $10

Therapeutic Hot Stone

This is a pain-free alternative to deep tissue massage that delivers great results i.e. relaxation of the deeper layers of your muscle tissue. The flow of healing nutrients is restored, aiding in the release of tense, tight-knotted muscle tissue resulting in decreased pain. The therapist places heated hand smoothed lava stones on muscle tissue then uses Swedish massage techniques & glides heated stones over areas that tend to hold tension which enables the tight muscle tissue to relax instantly.

1 hour............$80     
½ hour..........$55     
1 ½ hours......$110     

Scalp Massage Session includes massage of arms, neck and shoulder 25 mins.....$30

Using gentle but firm pressure, small sections of hair gripped by the therapist are gently pulled from your scalp to the end of each section of hair. This causes a release of endorphin's & tension in the micro muscles surrounding each hair follicle, causing the relaxation response in your entire body. The relaxation response neutralizes stress chemicals because hair pulling scalp massage releases endorphin's, your body’s own natural painkillers, it is effective for: headaches (including migraines & sinus).

 • Whiplash
 • Neck and shoulder tension
 • TMJ dysfunction syndrome
 • Neurological trauma
 • Nerve injury
 • Body aches and stiffness
 • Mental tension
 • Emotional upset

Chair Massage

In-Our-Office Chair massage     15 mins $20
In-Your-Office Chair massage     Call for quote
(Prices vary by location and the number of therapists needed)

Body Treatments

Volcanic Ash Mineral Clay Masque

Pricing varies by surface area (For example: Hands $15, Face masque $30
Born in a volcano, Microscopic clay particles penetrate into pores, drawing out "skin choking" toxins and impurities. The "pulling action" of this super absorbent masque is like a "workout" for your entire face and frontal neckline, giving your complexion a firmer, smoother, more "fit" look against the facial bone structure, and more defined and compact appearing features; especially the chin and jaw line areas. Strong "lifting up" and "pulling out" feel helps to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles, "crows-feet" and expression lines. Exfoliates (removes) dead surface skin cells, -----leaving entire complexion and neck incredibly soft and sleek, even after your first application! Great for acne, skin blemishes and stretch marks! Immediate and accumulative results! A series of 6 is recommended for optimal results.

A Rossiter System® Workout $45...upper or lower body

A massage focuses on muscle groups or specific muscles, while the Rossiter System® focuses entirely on the underlying and broader connective tissue system and it addresses different levels and types of connective tissue (outer and inner layers).

The Rossiter System® is a fully clothed, two-person stretching program that combines common connective/soft-tissue modalities with the uniquely powerful twist of active client participation in the stretching techniques. Rossiter is an effective tool for structural pain and limited flexibility/range of motion, preventing, alleviating and reversing pain and pain-related symptoms quickly. The client is an active participant and each coaching appointment with a Rossiter Coach is called a “workout” instead of a session, treatment or therapy. Time length of treatments vary per individual- 20 mins-1 hour.

Ear Candling $45...3 sessions for $120 (must wait 3-4 days between session at a minimum)

This procedure helps people who work outdoors or in dusty areas, suffers from sinusitis, hay fever; pollen allergies & excessive wax build up. It can relieve pressure in the ear canal, improve hearing, help balance inner ear equilibrium including vertigo, also decrease ringing & itching, ear related headaches, and help reduce the frequency of ear infections. You can actually see the results at the sessions end.

Paraffin Treatment

(Safe for sensitive skin, great for dry skin & arthritis)
The heat from the paraffin opens pores and increases circulation in the skin; thus leaving your skin hydrated and healthier looking. Warm paraffin therapy is a drug-free, fast-acting way to increase range of motion, treat arthritis, joint pain, stiff muscles, & dry skin (face, elbows, knees etc.), soothes tired over-worked hands. The National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Disease stress that heat can reduce the pain & inflammation of arthritis by increasing the blood flow, and enhancing flexibility.

Hydration Face Mask with a hand/arm massage.....$30
Moisturizing Hand Treatment........................$15

All Natural Salt Scrub

Vegan friendly, Kosher, GMO Free, Certified Organic
Experience an invigorating exfoliation treatment as we use GMO-free, aroma free Coconut Oil and Himalayan Mountain Pink Salt to whisks away your rough, dry skin. This body scrub encourages new skin-cell growth, stimulates circulation & leaves skin smooth with a healthy glow. 

We use warm, moistened towels for removal. No shower needed. Once your skin is exfoliated, we use Certified Coconut Oil that is aroma free, to give you a hydrating massage to leave you feeling smooth and De-Stressed.. This oil is safe for those who have peanut or tree nut allergies. The Coconut is actually a fruit.

Exfoliation of legs, back & arms.....$55
Foot Treatment...(incudes a salt scrub, warm towels and a peppermint foot massage (20 min).....................$30